New Forum Series: A Survey of Western Thought – Oct 14
Online & interactive – Sundays at 10 am Eastern & Pacific

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New Forum Series: A Survey of Western Thought

We begin Part One: Ancient Philosophy of a new Forum series: A Survey of Western Thought, this Thursday, 6 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific.  We’ll be discussing introductory matters, such as what constitutes thought, what is philosophy, and does it matter, among other things.  This will also be a good opportunity, as a group, to begin discussing some of our particular interests and emphases that we may like to, at…

Hope for the Future Annual Dinner

Hope for the Future is one of our long-time partners in ministry. They’ve had a wide-ranging ministry in Romania for more than 20 years, and do a tremendous work there. Each year they raise most of their operating funds through a dinner and silent auction. It’s not only a worthy cause, it’s a lot of fun with a chance to visit with…