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Online & interactive – Sun, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

We are a church community made up of very different people from varying backgrounds, living in different places, who come together in a common worship of Jesus Christ and reliance on the Scriptures. We gather together in two different ways: we meet online for our main church service, studies and training classes; and we meet (as soon as it’s safe) in local fellowships. So we’re both online and in person, national and local, digital and analog.

Some of our meetings, such as our local fellowships, are more conducive to open discussion, but all of our studies and groups—including our main church service—are interactive. We invite you to raise your hand and ask a question during our study time, and feel free to respond openly to questions posed by our teachers! Our desire is to study the Bible deeply and meaningfully, and then to faithfully live out what we’ve learned. We aren’t particularly traditional or trendy—we strive to just be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We welcome you to explore this website and get a sense of who we are. You might begin with the links below. If you have any questions, please let us know!

What we believe

Our church DNA

More on our church service and studies