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Digging Deeper: Political Division in the Church (Feb 2)

Our first Digging Deeper seminar will be February 2 and will begin a series examining the current political division within evangelical churches. Our conviction is that evangelical Christians should be modeling a different way of engaging one another, discussing even issues about which we passionately disagree with love, grace and mutual respect. The church should be showing the world another way, rather than exhibiting the same acrimony and polarization that so many others do. We’re called to a higher standard. And—while we may not agree on every issue—we seek to grow closer together in biblically-grounded, spiritually mature consensus wherever possible.

Our first seminar will establish ground rules for how we enter into these kinds of discussions as Christian brothers and sisters. Agreement with these ground rules will be mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in future Digging Deeper discussions. We’ll be meeting Sunday, February 2, 9 am in the adult/youth classroom. (And we’ll be done well before the Super Bowl!)


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