Sacramento, CA

Graciously and uncompromisingly evangelical

  • Everything we are and everything we do is rooted in, centered on and permeated by the evangel, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Before anything else, we are worshipers of God, disciples of Jesus Christ; we seek to love him with all of our hearts, souls, strength and minds.
  • Scripture remains our highest authority and the standard for our faith and lives as individual believers and as a church.
  • We won’t allow ourselves to be co-opted by any other identity. While remaining absolutely committed to the biblical Christian faith, we seek to be intentionally diverse racially, culturally, politically, generationally and socioeconomically.
  • We speak the truth in love. We’re loving and gracious when interacting with our community, but we will not compromise biblical truth to be more acceptable to the world around us.
  • We strive for complete unity regarding the essential truths of the gospel, and provide as much freedom as possible concerning secondary issues. We only take a definitive position on debated, secondary issues when it’s necessary for mutual fellowship and ministry as a church.