New Forum Series: Evangelical Views on Creation – Nov 11
Online & interactive – Sundays at 10 am Eastern & Pacific


  1. Elena Kokovskaia

    What took me so long to reconnect with you,Curt and your teachings ?
    What a blessings again to hear your service
    What a clarity, passion and presence of delivering messages of the Gospel
    I am so grateful to Kelley to forward to me link?
    Pls send to all our members of CWW people might to
    Be busy or destructed by life to take them weekly heart vitamins – your preaching of Gospel, Curt!
    I am forever grateful to reconnect , I come back to PR , I love our church pavilion and sitting with people overlooking nature, but recognize that I was grieving how it was when you wore here
    We are reconnected now and my heart rejoice!
    Thank you for being my Spiritual fence
    God bless you and your new congregation
    Lucky people !
    Hugs and blessings ???

  2. Hi, Elena!

    It’s great to hear from you! I’m glad these recordings are a blessing to you. Tell everyone “Hi!” for us.


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